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Elk Reel Unbiased Customer Reviews On www.rokslide.com

Customer reviews of Reel Game Call’s “Elk Reel” calls on www.rokslide.com.  We’re happy to share some great feedback, see what customers think of using Reel Game Calls!  The review is very descriptive and will be helpful for our customers to read as our call truly is American ingenuity and innovation at its finest. With rifle Elk season upon us we would love for anyone else that has bought an Elk Reel and used it during the bowhunting, early rifle and muzzle loader seasons to weigh by emailing: elkreel@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Elk Reel Unbiased Customer Reviews On www.rokslide.com

  1. The best call on the market! There is no comparison. So easy, my 5 year old can be my caller next season! Finally, something that doesn’t sound like a Kazoo, when you need it to sound like an Elk. Nice work!!

  2. In mid November, I used the Buck REEL while bow hunting in Wisconsin. The first time I used it, two bucks appeared in the next ten minutes. I didn’t get a shot, but the next morning one of my buddies called in four bucks with the Buck Reel and arrowed a 12-pointer with 14″ G2”s and a 20″ inside spread. That same evening, I called in a a decent 8 pointer that I was able to tag. I am pumped about using the Buck Reel again next season.

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