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How to make Elk Calf Sounds

How to make Elk Calf Sounds

Elk make all kinds of sounds

In every Elk Herd there are various age Elk. There are usually Cows and their Calves born in the spring of that year. Also, adolescent cow elk and spike bulls from previous years calving season are normally present. How to make elk calf sounds is an important part of calling elk.

All the different age structure animals tend to make different pitch noises. Our Elk Reel will allow you to imitate the different pitches. It makes the sliding notes easy with its predictable ease. Close it to go high speed up the airflow, vibratory rate and shrink the reed. Open it to increase the surface area and slow down the airflow.


Calf elk make the most noise

In our extensive experience with being around lots of Elk. Our factory is actually surrounded by the largest concentration of elk in the world. We have noticed this one similarity between other young animals and Elk.

We humans we are born loud. Just think about a schoolyard at recess. The kids running and shouting, screaming and yelling in play. If you are a parent you’ve likely heard a room full of children at bedtime. They may need to be told to shush.

It is the same with dogs and other animals. Puppies always seem to bark and whine and so on and so forth. Elk share this trait with us, the calf elk chatter!


Ignorance is bliss

The young ones are almost always the most energetic and talkative.  Inexperienced and native, in all the ways of the elk world. They get lost and haven’t spent years learning their way around.

They have not realized their own vocalizations call in predators. Man and beast both have a fond taste for Elk meat!

Young elk just doesn’t know that these vocalizations may be dangerous. They will learn as they get older that humans hunt them and key on the sounds they make.

Their high energy levels lead to lots of vocalizations. We have observed this at any altitude they live at. They talk to each other in and chase and play above treeline. As well as all the way down to crop fields and parks on the valley floor. Anywhere you find young elk you will hear their distinctive high pitch sounds much more readily.


Super realistic Nasal Calf elk sounds on traditional calls are difficult

These high pitch noises are harder to make with open reed and diaphragm style calls. No push button call can make the high nasally realistic sounds.

This makes calf elk sounds very effective in calling for Bulls and Cows. We like to use them in conjunction with a full note cow sound. It adds realism to your setups to sound like mom telling the young ones to come over here. We even add pleading demanding cow soundslike whines to simulate irritated moms.


High pitch notes are key to make elk calf sounds

Our Elk Reel makes making these high nasally notes easily. As you close our call the reed becomes pinched between the two halves. This action decreases the reed size. The decrease in size allows a much faster vibration. Start blowing it closed firmly enough to get the highest pitches. Then simply don’t open it fully to keep the low end from dropping too much.

Simply we can’t overstate the uniquely accurate calf noise our calls make. We don’t use latex because we found a better sounding material. We have tried it in our calls and go with what works better instead. Our reeds not only sound incredibly accurate. They have a track record of lasting at least a few elk seasons.

The simplistic mechanical action allows notes to be doubled or triple up. Calf elk chirp, they make longer noises as well. Simply keep blowing and allow the call to open and then close it again. This allows up and down sliding notes with ease. Keep the call from opening all the way to simulate the higher low-end notes calf elk use.

Think a cow elk on helium!


Make Elk Calf Sounds with Elk Reel

We know you will love the easy of our call to make high pitched nasally calf noise. Even one who has spent years mastering traditional elk calls can benefit. We provide a new tool for your arsenal of calls. It allows the ultimate level of realism in imitating the most vocal member of the Elk herd. We hope our article on how to make elk calf sounds answered any of your questions.

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