Deer Calls

Turning the best elk call into a deer magnet

We had used our elk reel design to call in numerous mule deer before the idea to widen it and deepen the tone hit us. It took only a few variations to get working Buck Reel prototypes together. We took a dozen to Wisconsin and spent 23 consecutive days in a tree on two farms. What happened was pure non stop calling action. I called in dozens of bucks some multiple times.12 prototypes netted 7 archery bucks in 3 weeks for the testers. Since then we have refined the design further. It is now the most magical North American deer call we have ever used.

Sika Magic

Our original Elk Reel is the most perfect Sika, Roe Deer, Red Deer, Chital or Axis, Sambar etc calling device ever made in our opinion.

We made some tweaks to the design inside the sound board to produce a little higher pitch for the elks smaller cousins. You will love the simplicity of use, playability and consistency of this call. Never fear bad notes again!

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