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About Us

We are the foremost manufacturer of innovative high-tech animal calls for hunting. Reel Game Calls has been developing and manufacturing our proprietary hunting calls since 2012. Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. Our wild game calls are easy to use, accurate in sound and redefine consistency. Never fear making a bad note again! We designed them to use in the most pressured situations imaginable. Designed for hunters by hunters to solve the shortcomings of traditional designs.

Merriam's turkey

Originally moving to Colorado to pursue a dream of becoming a skiing star. Drew quickly became hooked on something he had always wanted to try, big game bowhunting. Having grown up being into archery it was a natural fit. It quickly evolved to hunting any open season with any weapon. His parents would never allow him to hunt whitetail deer in Maryland. A fact that today even now inspires a true love for hunting. In 2012 he got an idea to use his ski making equipment in his Grace skis factory in Colorado to design a more consistent and accurate Elk Call. The rest is history.

Drew has spent years now refining and patenting his original design and branching it off into many different calls for pretty much any species of game animal on earth. We have sold thousands and thousands of calls in the last few years and the number keeps growing. Why? Because we make products that solve the problems we had with our traditional calls. To the point where we do not carry anything we do not make into the woods these days at all. We currently sell calls around the globe for many different species and are proving that American Ingenuity is alive and well!

Owner Drew Rouse with huge bull elk

Drew Rouse our founder and inventor of Reel Game Calls has been making things since he was a small child. He has been using hunting calls and calling in Elk, Deer, Turkeys and more since moving west as a teenager. He has years of experience in inventing and designing innovative game calls and is motivated to design calls to exceed your expectations. A passionate hunter and outdoorsman who’s love of the outdoors began at a very young age. Raised on the Chesapeake bay in Maryland being outside in nature enjoying Fishing and Crabbing then moving west to Colorado after high school to pursue a life outdoors in the mountains.

The very first call was an attempt to create a sound generating device to manufacturer a better elk call. After making the first prototype, he tested it up on a mountain top near home populated with elk. After several bugles and cow calls with the crude looking prototype he and his buddies retreated into the kitchen, inside his friends house to discuss the call. A few minutes passed and a cow elk began walking towards the house down the driveway. The sounds that first call generated were natural high to low elk sounds. It was easy to see that it would be worthwhile to pursue a patent process. We have been designing and patenting call designs ever since.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we are doing right or what we can improve on. We appreciate all of our customers as they are the just hunters like us looking for a more effective call!