Cutting edge

Reel Game Calls make the most unique technologically advanced game calls for sale on the market. Our designs have quickly revolutionized an industry. Reel is the world leader in game call innovation. Using cutting edge manufacturing techniques such as 3d printing, CAD/CAM and CNC technology. We are able to make calls that are designed to solve the shortcomings of old school designs. They define functionality in the clutch. They consistently make amazing vocalizations at all volumes. No matter your adrenaline level. We use the highest quality materials and spare no expense in manufacturing to produce the calls we want to carry. From the new hunter to the most seasoned guides and hardcore lifers a Reel game call will give you the edge you need this season!


Easy is an Understatement!

Reel Game Calls are the simplest calls to get started with. Simply blow through and vary the angle of closure on the lid. Our Open Reel calls are simple to learn and the reeds never shift so once you learn where to put your lip you are off and running! 3D Reel Mouth calls do most of the work for your you with their revolutionary design.

Hands Free Option

Our hinging Reels are played by either squeezing them with your fingers or placing them in your mouth and biting down, then blowing into them. Our ultra-premium elk, deer, turkey, and predator calls can also be used hands free to facilitate stopping an animal in a shooting lane or entice one to come those last few feet for an ethical shot. Our Open Reel bugles and cow calls are played with your lower lip giving you a gag free accurate easy to use option. Our Diaphragms make it easy for anyone to learn to mouth call. They give the experienced caller who new dimensions of pitch and volume control!

Finite Volume & Pitch Control

Most of our calls use a 3D nitrile reed. Our Turkey mouth reeds use 3D Latex reeds. These reeds have a low start up velocity due to their shape and the relative lack of tension. Traditional calls we used could not even come close to the low volume performance of a Reel call. The pitch is extremely variable at all volumes.

Realism Beyond Belief

Our ultra-premium elk, deer, turkey, and predator calls were developed in the most heavily pressured situations we could find. If they will work for us there, they will work for you anywhere! We started from scratch and didn’t listen to people calling elk with elk calls or turkey calls for turkeys etc, etc..., we listened to real animals and strive to produce calls that sound exactly like the real thing.
If its not coming in the woods with us we don't make it. Plain and simple.


Our hinged Reel's simply have an extremely hard time making sticky notes due to their problem solving design. That has been proven over the years. A favorite choice of top elk outfitters and guides due to the fact that they are fail-proof. Our open reel designs have reeds that never move out of place and they're recessed into our mouthpiece to protect them. No exposed edges makes it extremely hard to damage the open reel reed setup. Our mouth Calls use a non toxic plastic frame and are extremely easy to blow and incredibly durable and consistent.


Our game calls are extremely durable. The nitrile reeds can with stand temp of well over 200 degrees. The closed design is the benchmark in durability in the call industry. They have proven to last for years. The calls can be completely rebuilt if its ever needed. Our open reel calls are tested in the most vicious of ways to try to tear the reed setup and we have so far been unsuccessful. The mouthpieces are invertable to store the reeds until needed so that no possible harm can come to them. Our mouth calls don't bend and are rebuildable. Nothing else is nearly bullet proof like Reel Game Calls and we back it with our satisfaction guarantee!

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