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You should enjoy reading this article written by Adam of Transition Wild. Adam is Vice President of sales at Quiet Kat bikes as well and when he moved to the mountains a few years ago I met him through the Quiet Kat guys. He bought a few of our Elk Reels and went out and...


The Buck Reel: Why this Doe Bleat is a Game-Changer

Written By Pat Kolbe of Oshkosh Wisconsin Like many people that receive a new product claiming to work, I was skeptical. I received my new prototype ‘Buck Reel’ from Reel Game Calls owner Drew Rouse last October while hunting together in the bluff country of southwestern Wisconsin. I wasn’t convinced this new Buck Reel could...


New educational section! Learn about Elk Calling!

First of all our new section is under construction. We have some of the first articles up! The first few articles were written by Reel game call inventor Drew Rouse. We started our lessons with Elk Calling. However we love Deer and Turkey hunting too. In addition future articles will cover all aspects of calling...


Vail Daily article about Reel Game Calls

Vail Valley locals changing the game call game The Vail Daily, which is the local daily news periodical in the Vail valley, wrote this article about our hunting call company in last saturdays paper. Check it out for yourself and see what the buzz about our products is about! We have been making some waves...

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