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Ultimate Elk Combo Elk Reel 2.0 and ATM Elk Bugle

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We’ve paired up the perfect combo for the elk woods. Our world renowned Cow Elk Call the Elk Reel. Plus our Innovation packed Elk Bugle call the Extrendabull Anti Tank Missile. This bugle extends from 20″ to over 31″ to further amplify its already variable pitch. The extension adds extra volume to reach distant ears and instigate fights with the baddest bulls on the mountain. Use the Elk Reel in conjunction to simulate the most realistic herd scenarios.


  • The Elk Reel hardwood elk call (Sold Separately for $39.99)
  • The Extendabull bugle (Sold Separately for $74.99)

Buy both together for only $98.99 


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Our 2nd gen Elk Reel coupled with our Extendabull Anti Tank Missile Elk bugle.

We offer our Elk Reel 2.0 elk call and extendable elk bugle tube in a money saving package. The Extendabull ATM we think offers the best volume range of any bugling apparatus on the market. Not mention virtually flawless accurate sound. The nitrile reed remains in the perfect position using our 3 retention pin design. This unique proprietary design we perfected in our original elk reel. Painstakingly perfected dimensions allow ultra accurate ringing locator bugles. Low pitch voice inflected growls are a snap because of the 3 dimensional reed. Challenge bugles, bulls calling cows, contact bugles because of the size changing reed all bull and cow elk vocalizations are possible.

As a result of years of product development and countless days of testing our calls are gaining a reputation as the “best elk calls out”. We use innovative manufacturing techniques and hand fit and tune all of our cutting edge calls ourselves. This leads to accurate sounds with fabled consistency. Couple an Extendabull ATM with the sweet ultra reliable Elk Reel Cow call. The result will give you the acoustical edge to locate and call in your dream Elk. We all know Elk hunting is one of the toughest hunts on the planet! Make sure you give yourself the technological edge to succeed this season.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate elk hunters combo with our hardwood elk call and extendable elk bugle tube!

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