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Elk grunt tube-Extendabull triple chamber


The most innovation ever packed into a Bull Elk Bugle! Full range of sounds and volumes. Ultimate playability! Extreme consistency!

Closed 20″ Extended almost 31″

Bullistic mouthpiece compatible. Mouthpiece not included.

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Innovation is our business

We think this is the most innovative Elk grunt tube ever made! The extension bugle tube allows a range of acoustics to be played. Closed the call is 20″ at full bull extension it is nearly 31″ this allows a true range of sounds. From young bull squeals to full range notes that will leave the whole area code ringing with sweet accurate Bull Elk vocalizations! Grunt, Growl, chuckle and glunk with ease. Carry an oversized tube in a small package to stay maneuverable through the twists and turns of Elk country!

Three chambers of death

 Two tubes are joined to give a third chamber when closed or partly extended. This adds a hollow ringing sound to your note. Closing the tube allows you to manipulate the sound further. closed its short enough to cup your hand around the open end. Muffle the bugle tube to sound further away. Extend it to rip loud locator and challenge bugles. Play it in between to take advantage of the hollow third chambers acoustical effect. The pitch is perfect for giving high pitched searching or bull calling cows bugles. Those notes bulls looking to steal cows use that really piss off that big boy! This Elk grunt tube makes any mouth call sound better.

High quality Elk Grunt tube

Extra thick tubing in the main body of this elk grunt tube that still maintains a great strength and thickness to weight ratio. Copious dampening material even one hidden inside the main tube. Three chambers and three dampeners mean not a trace of tingy plastic sound is left. Calls are hand built in the U.S. This bull elk bugle fits neatly next to your pack and really tends to not swing around like a baseball bat style tube on their lanyards. Extend your acoustical reach this season!



Extra thick tubes. Copious dampening. The name says Ultra Premium Game Calls and this is the definition of that statement!


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