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“Predator Reel” Predator Call

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The Predator Reel double reed is based on our famous Elk Reel design. We added some changes to the main body of the call to allow an increase in volume and raspiness. It will go from a shrill scream of a dying rabbit to a whisper to lure those Predatory animals in close! Our reeds face the opposite direction as your traditional predator distress callers and howlers allowing them to start easily with the slightest of air movement. These handheld predator calls are just flat out the perfect game management tool!

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Reel em in close!

We first shot a coyote with a reel a few years back. However it wasn’t the first one we tried it on. It became extremely apparent immediately when we first started product testing that they call in more that Elk, Deer and Turkeys. The first coyote was shot in the face at 10 yards.

Anytime we’d see one we start messing with an Elk Reel to imitate a distressed rodent. The reactions were awesome, they would commit. Come in staking us. Really really fun stuff if you’re a predator guy! They would stop even if on a dead run to take a look back anytime we tried it on a spooked song dog. Hopefully a look is all you need to have one less calf and fawn killer on the property.

Small size so you never need it and not have it

They say better to have a gun and not need it then need it and not have it. Well we say if you’re gonna have the gun you better have a handheld predator call to go with it! Put this in your cupholder and your truck gun will always have the perfect company while out checking and feeding cattle. Nothing like a lightweight .223 and a Reel to turn a shed hunting adventure into a wildlife management field trip.

Put it in your pocket when bowhunting Whitetails so you can very quickly and quietly dispose of that coyote cruising just outside bow range. A couple of Predator Reels coupled with your varmint rifle and a 12 gauge for the close work is all you’ll need to make some serious headway on your fur totals.

Versatile and volume variable with ultimate playability!

They will do more than distress calls too! Wrap your hand around the handheld predator call and hold it on a slight angle and you can howl at the dogs to really rile em up. Anything you can do with an open reed predator call you can do with a reel. Without it sticking and with a wide range of volume easily attainable. The ultimate playability in a Reel tuned for the ears of toothy critters!

-Our calls are back by a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE what that means is if you have any issues get in touch with us and we will do what is necessary to make it right.

Predator Reel

The double reed this handheld predator call has a slightly deeper tone that is perfect for howling. It really lets you rip loud stuff to reach out to distant ears.

We took our Elk Call and made it have more interior volume. This allows a higher exterior volume level! It also allows the reed to have some more scratchiness to hit those raspy notes.

  • Can be operated with your hands or used hands free to stop an animal in a shooting lane.
  • All wood construction for optimal acoustical performance. Wood offers exceptional tone producing qualities. Sounds incredibly life like. Design was optimized for durability.
  • Durable patented hinging action with a high strength steel spring gives a predictable playability
  • They are waterproof. Moisture does not affect the performance. They have killed late season elk down to -22 F they will not freeze!  We have played our calls after soaking them in highly corrosive saltwater. Then tested them for months. Those calls still play today! You can leave them on the dash in the sun. The reeds can withstand 225 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Uses ultra long lasting nitrile reeds. Gives the ultimate in saliva corrosion resistance. The reed never sticks to the top. The action is never unpredictable. Unaffected by adrenaline
  • CNC machining insures precise internal geometry. We use advanced modern tools to design our calls. 3D modeling and CNC means our design is on the cutting edge. The geometry is a result of years of trial and error. The result is perfection
  • Plastic reed retention pins make replacing a reed a snap. Our original calls used wooden pins. These upgrade the consistency of the sound as well as allow almost unlimited reed replacements. You will probably never need that feature!



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