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Turkey mouth Reed- Reel 3d Turkey – V cut


-Patented 3d frame design mouth reed.

-Fits in your soft palate.

-The geometric design of the frame does a lot of the pitch change work for you.

-3D printed from FDA food contact approved plastic.

-Natural sounding latex mouth diaphragm

-High performance from low to high volume

-proven to drive even pressured birds nuts

-Excellent for yelps, purrs, great raspy notes and cutts

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Fundamentally new design

The first new style of Turkey mouth reed in ages. Extra wide reed allows great low back end notes and extra loud volume. Increase tongue pressure and the reed in instantly transformed in effective size for amazing front end note performance. Simply use the hinging motion of your jaw to produce perfect yelps very easily and consistently. Easy to play is an understatement. Great for beginners and experts alike. Non toxic. No tape No Glue No Metal taste NO vibration. Ultimate in comfort and performance. Extreme volume range. Extremely durable. Nearly indestructible 3d Frame. Latex reeds

Easy to use Turkey mouth reed

Great for beginners and experts alike! Simply place this turkey mouth reed dead center reed side down in the middle of your tongue and push it straight up into your palate. You play this call with varied pressure from your tongue while hinging your jaw. We find it so much easier to play and so much more comfortable that we will never ever go hunting without a mouth call of this design ever again.

The call sounds a little different than a traditional reed style turkey mouth call and the birds act like they’ve never heard anything like it. You can go from high pitch yelps to raspy and back. Pressured birds or not it won’t matter with a Reel 3D Turkey mouth call!

Huge volume range

The Reel 3d Turkey mouth call all will make locating birds or reaching distant strutters a snap with its extreme volume range. You can yelp at all volumes. Cluck. Purr. Fighting Purr. Ke kee. Cutt and run like never before… The absolute pinnacle of mouth call design using todays state of the art manufacturing processes. Durability on these calls in a quantum leap as the frame protects the reed and is virtually indestructible.

State of the art design

We 3d print our Turkey mouth call frames and retention pins in the United states out of food safe plastic. They are rebuildable since they can be taken apart and are extremely durable. We anticipate customers having the option of sending them back year after year to have new reeds installed for a reduced price. Reduce Reuse Recycle and American manufacturing combined. At Reel we really do care about our country and this planet and we hope you do too!

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