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Elk Bugle Call “Extendabull Anti Tank Missile” – W Single reed



The most innovation ever packed into an Elk Bugle! Full range of sounds and volumes. Ultimate playability! Extreme consistency! This single reed elk bugle call is easy to blow and produces an amazing range of both pitch and volume. Replaceable Reed. Reed is extremely durable.

Closed 20″ Extended almost 31″

This single reed elk bugle tube comes with a removable Bullistic missile Open Reel mouth piece



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We think this is the most innovative Elk bugle call ever made! The extension tube allows a range of acoustics to be played. Closed the call is 20″. However at full extension it is nearly 31″! This allows a true range of sounds. From young bull squeals. To full range notes that will leave the whole area code ringing. Play all kinds of sweet accurate Bull Elk vocalizations! Grunt, Growl, chuckle and glunk with ease. Carry an oversized extended length elk bugle call tube in a smaller package. Makes it easy to stay maneuverable through the twists and turns of Elk country!


The extension creates a complex matrix of sounds. A sonic vortex is created inside our extra thick main tube. This sound effect works even in the closed position.

Our reeds aren’t Latex and we think they have much more realistic nasally tone. As they are pinned in with 3d printed pins. They will not move or shift from their tuned positions. The mouth piece can be inverted for storage. Our nitrile reeds are incredibly durable. We think this is the best elk bugle call on the market!

-Inflect your voice through our true 3 dimensional Bullistic mouth piece

-3d-printed extra thick to eliminate any plastic tin sound at the source

-Extra thick tubes copious dampening

-amazing tone range allows all bull vocalizations

-extreme volume variations go from a whisper to ringing the entire mountainside





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