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Bullistic Missile-double reed Elk bugle-mouth piece-Alpine Green


Our double reed patent pending “Bullistic missile” mouth piece make any Elk vocalization. Calf to Cow to any type of Bull sound. Get an extra or one to use as a cow call or if you are a bit of a do it your-selfer you replace the mouth piece on any tube. Volume variable with ease. Tone controllable. Accurate sounds.

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The double reed elk bugle mouth piece produces realistic bull sounds very consistently and allows a high degree of easy voice inflection. The 3 Dimensional shaped reeds pick up that voice inflected vibration allowing whatever kind of vocalization you think fits the situation! Volume is highly variable and so is the tone.

We tested the durability of this double reed elk bugle mouth piece to extreme ends. We found that the reeds though exposed do not seem to get ripped and never move out of place. They are replaceable in case of an accident though up to date that has not happened to any of my testers or myself.The mouth pieces are 3D printed to be thick and plays fantastic cow and calf vocalizations. Add this to an Elk Reel and try not to get run over!

Patent pending

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