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Reel Game Call’s User Comments: Gary Mackenzie 10/07/2016

I have been bow hunting elk for twelve years and guiding for elk the past four. I have made a lot of mistakes in the field over those years and have heard a lot of different noises made by elk. Last season I was introduced to Reel Game Calls and it has truly changed my...


Reel Game Call’s User Comments: Blaine 10/22/2016

Half way through the season and I’ve called in four bulls and a handful of cows/calves with this call. Several of them came running like I was reeling them in on a fishing pole. The call works when wet. And I can teach my girlfriend how to use it in a matter of seconds. It...


Elk Reel Unbiased Customer Reviews On www.rokslide.com

Customer reviews of Reel Game Call’s “Elk Reel” calls on www.rokslide.com.  We’re happy to share some great feedback, see what customers think of using Reel Game Calls!  The review is very descriptive and will be helpful for our customers to read as our call truly is American ingenuity and innovation at its finest. With rifle...

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