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4 thoughts on “Hello Hunting Season

  1. It poured my first day out and even in the rain I didn’t have an issue. On day two I called a nice bull in for a 17 yard shot. It only took three days of owning this call for me to put a bull on the ground! Great calls, easy to use, with an excellent staff behind them. You can’t go wrong with Reel!

  2. Half way through the season and I’ve called in four bulls and a handful of cows/calves with this call. Several of them came running like I was reeling them in on a fishing pole. The call works when wet. And I can teach my girlfriend how to use it in a matter of seconds. It makes any sound I want, including the assembly mews that have been crucial to my elk hunting success. And it makes great calf sounds. It was immediately obvious that elk respond to this call differently than any diaphragm or reed call I’ve owned in the past. It’s like they don’t question whether its real, they just assume I’m an elk. My friends are hooked too. This call helped three bowhunters fill their tags. I will never go elk hunting without it. Best cow call ever.

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