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Reelality TV episode 4-The Eastern Turkey-public land Kansas birds!

Chasing the elusive Eastern Turkey!

Drew Rouse and Clayton Griffith head to Eastern Kansas to chase birds on public and private land. We decided on a whim last year to skip hunting Rio’s in western Kansas and go east.This is the first morning hunting and the boys decided to try a spot a fellow hunter said calls and a decoy spread wouldn’t work in… The Eastern Turkey is notorious for its cunning. So when two Eastern Turkey jakes walked in it was way to tempting! Everyone said we would struggle since we had limited experience hunting this wary birds.

The eastern Turkey is a much different creature than its western counter parts. Both can get educated however the Eastern turkey will not cover as much ground as a rule of habit. While western Birds, Rios and Merriam’s and the various hybridizations, regularly cover lots of ground. We put our Turkey Reel calls to the test on these high pressure birds. It was a fun hunt!


The boys went on a roll! Reality TV Day 2 episode 5… subscribe on youtube!

This means that Eastern Birds will take longer to come in. You need to setup closer to where they roost or know where they like to be during the mid day hours. I feel like scouting is key for both species. Knowing where they are is a given to hunting anything. But I also feel that out west you can stake out a cruising corridor and know that usually birds will be moving through at some point.

The more information about an Eastern Turkeys habits the more we feel you are in the running to kill him. Thats why when these Jake’s walked in on a first morning sit in a strange place at least one of them was in big trouble!

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