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Sneaking in on a 5×5 Bull Elk-Reelality TV: Reel Classroom

Sept 7th 2018

Call builder and my filiming buddy Clay Griffith and myself crested the hill above these basins and heard a multitude of bull elk bugling.

Acting like a herd dropping down to bed from the ridge above. We used a K series Elk Reel for cow calls and our Extendabull ATM bugle in the unextended position to bugle and cow call. It was all to easy to put on a clinic on how to sound like a small herd with a bull elk trailing. Every Bull elk in a mile radius lit up like it was the middle of the rut.  It was definitely a fantastic morning of Elk hunting soul soothing therapy.

We had called in a small 5×5 bull elk and a 260ish 6 point already at first light. Im hunting one of the better units this year so we left them bugling. We dropped off the ridge on the shady side to chase this unseen Bull. He was claiming king to the end of the point and that was where we has seen several mature bulls.

Moving in on him I was using a small herd of cows with satellite bull trailing as my calling technique. This time of year I have seen and called in small herds of cows trailing a 5×5 bull elk many times. I was hoping he was a  300″ plus bull ready to start a harem with an easy run off of a rag horn. When we finally got into bow range and saw he was not that old his tentative nature made sense.

It always in my opinion pays to close distance to any bull you get to respond. If they aren’t going to move and are standing in cover they are very approachable. You can use your Elk Reel to basically walk right up to them as thats what they want cow elk to do. Just stay mostly out of sight and definitely downwind!

This encounter is a great example of how to use accurate elk sounds to sneak right up to your quarry. Being confident in your elk calls consistency tone and volume control is a must in this situation! Hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did! Stay tuned more to come! -Drew

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