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Happy customer email from 4/5/17 “Ernie we met in Madison”

A buddy of mine asked if I wanted to go to the show in Madison last week. I looked up the exhibitor list specifically looking for elk calls and western hunting, Was shocked to not see anyone…other than you. Never heard of you before. A quick google search directed me to some youtube videos. The only reason I went to the show was to find you guys and get a call for my dad who still finds other calls difficult to use. I ended up buying one for myself and one for my buddy. Now I have to get a few more because I tend to lose at least one call a year, and to get one for my dad because I kinda stole the one I bought for him originally. Oh and now my friends dad is getting a few because he likes it too. Been going out West from the Chicago area 8 years now and someone finally made a good sounding elk call that is easy to use. Can’t understate how good it really sounds, I’m a stickler for it. Congrats on the ingenuity. You deserve all the success that comes your way. I’m sure I’ll sell a few more for ya. Kinda sells itself. Was good seeing you at the show. Now just gotta wait for the New Mexico draw to see if I can use it.

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