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New educational section! Learn about Elk Calling!

First of all our new section is under construction. We have some of the first articles up! The first few articles were written by Reel game call inventor Drew Rouse. We started our lessons with Elk Calling. However we love Deer and Turkey hunting too. In addition future articles will cover all aspects of calling game.

Class is in session!

We will be giving you the insight and knowledge that went into making our Elk Calls. Here at Reel Game calls we take hunting as serious as humanly possible. We live and breathe in Elk country.

2016 Colorado Bull Elk
Public Land OTC Colorado 6×6


This new section will start with information about Elk Calling. How to use calls to shoot more Elk! What makes Elk calling work? Furthermore why do we think that the Elk calls of the past. Elk calls that were available previously available fall far short of Reel technology.

As a result of using advanced technology. We added synthetic materials, 3D computer modeling, CNC machining and 3D printing our to achieve our design. Their is no doubt it is light years ahead.

First hand knowledge

Years literally in the making this page will focus on what we have learned purely on first hand experience. While the boys from Reel didn’t grow up in Elk Country. Rather they weren’t blessed with knowledge passed down over the generations. Consequently this benefited our development as Elk hunters.

We got to start with a fresh canvas and no real assumptions or myths were bought into. In addition everything we write is based on learning by making mistakes.  We have learned everything we know the hard way. Our Elk calling techniques our fact based in a real world Elk laboratory.

We have hunted all 30 days of Archery in Colorado many times.  As much as our legs would stand! For the past decade plus… We will convey through this knowledge things that will make you a more effective Elk hunter. We want you to rev the fun meter to the max this fall!

The link below is on how to make calf elk sounds. Calf elk sounds are one of the most effective tools in an Elk hunters arsenal. Hence a hunter should integrate calf sounds in their Elk calling. Because It will add untold amounts of realism to their setups.

Our calls make the most realistic calf elk sounds. They make calling elk easy and repeatable. Its so simple to use our calls. The size transforming reed is activated by the hinging action of the call. It does all of the hard work. Hence you are transformed into a composer playing a symphony of Elk talk! Take your Elk calling to another level and check out our other article on how to make elk calf sounds!



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