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Reel Game Call’s User Comments: Gary Mackenzie 10/07/2016

I have been bow hunting elk for twelve years and guiding for elk the past four. I have made a lot of mistakes in the field over those years and have heard a lot of different noises made by elk. Last season I was introduced to Reel Game Calls and it has truly changed my ability to become one with the elk, especially in large heard scenarios. I have never been able to use an open reed reliably, and when I put my mouth to my first Elk Reel the difference in simplicity and realism was unparalleled!! I have reeled in more elk with these calls in two seasons than I could have ever dreamed! This season I successfully seduced a 6×6 on public land to less than twenty yards for a perfect broadside shot with my bow! I had never believed in calling them in until I made it happen multiple times with my Elk Reel! This product is no joke!

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