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Vail Daily article about Reel Game Calls

Vail Valley locals changing the game call game

The Vail Daily, which is the local daily news periodical in the Vail valley, wrote this article about our hunting call company in last saturdays paper. Check it out for yourself and see what the buzz about our products is about! We have been making some waves in the hunting community lately and we are excited to be building on our initial product debut of the Elk Reel, the most innovative Elk Call ever produced. We are branching out w the latest release of the Turkey Reel, which is a two reed V-cut version of the original design and the Buck Reel a wider version with a slower vibrating reed that accurately imitates all species of north american deer doe and fawn vocalizations. Our hunting call business is going to be releasing some more embodiments of our patented design in the near future. Both Elk and Turkey calls! Stay tuned…





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